Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Insomnia Much?

So this is my first post, after two hours of designing this thing. So lets meet or something, I am Jeny, from Israel (though was born in Ukrane and raised in the US). Having a preety boring but cheerful life, and having some bad spelling and grammar mistakes. ( Should work on that sometime.). I'm 17 years old, live at my parents house, and lovi'n it :D
Addicted to serveal things like fashion, Facebook, coffee, shoes and books. Don't have a lot of friends (Only because I dont feel like having a lot of people around me). I don't like the morning, and I try to sleep it trough when I can.
Living in Israel meens hot weather all around the year, sucks and no preety jucket's at times. My cell is always stuck to my ear.
Im actually always annoyed by something or someone, but no hating. Always listening to some music.
And I hate when I start talking in short sentences (It makes me feel like a robot :D).

My life is built apon all thouse days that I feel that I can do more, and I have a lot in me, but I just block it (and it seems like I do it always), at the end people say that I dont give my all. (But im trying)

Enough about me, lets talk about tommorow (todayish). Its 4:38 am and I have a big English test in 4 and a half hours, i dont feel prepered, rested or calm. But oh well, afterwards I will go to my fathers work shop (he's a tailor.). And we are going to make some awesome Rodarte leggings, I wanted these forever now. Feeling excited about tommorow.
After all that i need to go to a doctor :( I hope hes not closed (as always).
Im thinking about starting my own clothing/jewelery line, but im doubting i someone will buy something from me. We will see.
I want the whole siteeeeee!!!!!!!!!
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