Thursday, October 14, 2010

So hello world!

For a long time i wasn't in the mood to write something, though now I'm here. Trying make sense of my life, so much choices are thrown into my face. Just trying to decide what should i do with my life.
Except that I'm now at the best time of my life, never been so happy.
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Ill talk to you later :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Can't sleep again, after so much effort i put into trying to fall asleep i just failed. Anyways, now i have some time to update you guys. For our half a year anniversary, me and my bf had a romantic dinner and then just watched some TV. Actually it was amazing, and time flew by so fast it was scary. At one point i was sure it was about 12am but actually it was around 1:30am.
Now im trying to find me a day job, as you dont know i guess i am working a night job (that means from 8pm till the sunrise) and sice i cant save my money properly i decided to find a day job. It would be killing two birds in one shot, because im so bored in the summer.
Today i was going trough some blogs i follow on blogspot and i just figured that every known blog posts exactly the same stuff. As in pictures etc.
And now we will move to some more interesting stuff..
The Elie Saab Couture F/W 2010 show
Loved the flowing feminine dresses.
And the Jean Paul Gaultier
Amazing garments. Nothing else, love the head piece.
And my favorite is still Givenchy.
Thats it for tonoght, im off seeing The Hills.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello you,
Yes i'm sick again, and i have work today. Its an amzing day outside, and im just dont want to miss it because of my illness.
Yesterday i had a photoshoot, and i have some pictures. Im actually already sick from the tea im drinking, and i need to go to the doctor today.
On the other side, i found what me and my bf are doing for our anniversary. That is a dinner friday night, and everything came together so we can do it. Oh, except the fact that he maybe not be having his car with him, and then we will ride the buses for the whole weekend.
Hes Bday is coming up (in August, its still close enough), and i finally have a gift idea for him. So, ill get him a huge box with 20 things (hes turning 20) that reminds him of us, or just stuff that define him. because i know him only for half a year, i asked for some help from his friends, i hope they will help me a bit.
Thats it for today, I hope ill feel better for the weekend!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello everybody,
so I'm trying to put together a puzzle for the last 5 hours (1000 pieces puzzle), and it's being a bitch to me. Can't think right now. Found this amazing yahoo blog, it made me laugh for a good amount of time. Trying hard to get my body wanting to go to sleep, its not working so far.
Right now I'm watching season 4 of bones, if you don't know these ceries go and watch it. After 4 seasons im still not bored with it, and it takes a lot to keep me interested in something for that long.
Tomorrow I'll be having yet another photo shoot with one of my friends, and finally ill get all of my pictures (and I'll share them with you of course). On the 1st of July me and my BF are having our 6 month anniversary, i was thinking of making our selfs some dinner and just sitting home relaxing. So i have a question for you, if you have any recipes for dinner, please share them, i really need some ideas for this dinner.
That's it for now, I'll talk to you all later.
The Lanvin A/W 2010 is amazing, the silver dresses and the detailed outfits.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big brother wants you're blood!

There are some news id like to talk about this week. The first one is the earthquake in Chile, it was terrible. It was so sad that so many people died because of it. But whats funny about it, this earthquake just shortened our day. Yes, yes you heard right, the movement of the rocks caused that a day was shortened by 1.26 microseconds. For some strange reason that amuses me, i mean who the hell notices 1.26 microsecond?

The next thing i wanted to talk about is 10 most addictive sounds in the world, turns out that the commercials we watch are trying to get us addicted to their music. You'll be amazed by this research.

And a survey that made me laugh was a survey about sex. As it turns out only 75% of all man knew to correctly name some of the womens shy parts. And for my amazement only 70% of women got that question right. Shame on you!
67% of women fake their orgasms, and i need to ask why? Its a loss loss situation.

Now lets move to some new looks i liked

By Gucci, Maurizio Pecoraro, Proenza, The row and Helmut Lang.

Thats all for Friday, leave me comments and such.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A spare minute.

I've been so busy in the last couple of days. This is actually the first time I get to sit home and browse trough some new collections from Fall 2010.
Bottega Veneta
Loving the suits, and the wave shoes.
Emilio Pucci

Minimal dresses, and 'The' fur coat!
Francesco Scognamiglio
I just love this one for some reason.
That's it for today, take care. More to come. So subscribe!
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