Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello you,
Yes i'm sick again, and i have work today. Its an amzing day outside, and im just dont want to miss it because of my illness.
Yesterday i had a photoshoot, and i have some pictures. Im actually already sick from the tea im drinking, and i need to go to the doctor today.
On the other side, i found what me and my bf are doing for our anniversary. That is a dinner friday night, and everything came together so we can do it. Oh, except the fact that he maybe not be having his car with him, and then we will ride the buses for the whole weekend.
Hes Bday is coming up (in August, its still close enough), and i finally have a gift idea for him. So, ill get him a huge box with 20 things (hes turning 20) that reminds him of us, or just stuff that define him. because i know him only for half a year, i asked for some help from his friends, i hope they will help me a bit.
Thats it for today, I hope ill feel better for the weekend!

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