Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty straight...

Wow, an amazing campaign. So inappropriate but sexy at the same time :)
Love this!
What are your toughs about this one?

Monday, November 14, 2011


Such a strong girl, in this emotional place. For me this is amazing, especially the jewelery and the makeup.
By the way, i got myself a new laptop, so i will be working afterhours now :)
How is your week going guys?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lady Who Now?

Resembles Lady Gaga's look, but at the same time its so not her.
Shot by Henrik Bülow, anyone knows something about the model?
Have an amazing week everyone, and keep coming here :)

Real life mermaid

This is Naty Chabanenko, with such amazing eyes and attitude. Amazing shoot.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So hello world!

For a long time i wasn't in the mood to write something, though now I'm here. Trying make sense of my life, so much choices are thrown into my face. Just trying to decide what should i do with my life.
Except that I'm now at the best time of my life, never been so happy.
Btw i need you to do me a favoure just go to this link
and thats it.
Ill talk to you later :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Can't sleep again, after so much effort i put into trying to fall asleep i just failed. Anyways, now i have some time to update you guys. For our half a year anniversary, me and my bf had a romantic dinner and then just watched some TV. Actually it was amazing, and time flew by so fast it was scary. At one point i was sure it was about 12am but actually it was around 1:30am.
Now im trying to find me a day job, as you dont know i guess i am working a night job (that means from 8pm till the sunrise) and sice i cant save my money properly i decided to find a day job. It would be killing two birds in one shot, because im so bored in the summer.
Today i was going trough some blogs i follow on blogspot and i just figured that every known blog posts exactly the same stuff. As in pictures etc.
And now we will move to some more interesting stuff..
The Elie Saab Couture F/W 2010 show
Loved the flowing feminine dresses.
And the Jean Paul Gaultier
Amazing garments. Nothing else, love the head piece.
And my favorite is still Givenchy.
Thats it for tonoght, im off seeing The Hills.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello you,
Yes i'm sick again, and i have work today. Its an amzing day outside, and im just dont want to miss it because of my illness.
Yesterday i had a photoshoot, and i have some pictures. Im actually already sick from the tea im drinking, and i need to go to the doctor today.
On the other side, i found what me and my bf are doing for our anniversary. That is a dinner friday night, and everything came together so we can do it. Oh, except the fact that he maybe not be having his car with him, and then we will ride the buses for the whole weekend.
Hes Bday is coming up (in August, its still close enough), and i finally have a gift idea for him. So, ill get him a huge box with 20 things (hes turning 20) that reminds him of us, or just stuff that define him. because i know him only for half a year, i asked for some help from his friends, i hope they will help me a bit.
Thats it for today, I hope ill feel better for the weekend!
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